Hotel Haus Lipmann
Main building, market view

The Main Building

Built in 1726 to house the Metternich administration. As the Metternichs leave Beilstein our ‘founding father’ Daniel Lipmann acquires this property. This marks the beginning of a family tradition now more than 200 years old. Over time the family has grown and one will today find several ‘Lipmann’ establishments in Beilstein. We, the Thölén-Lipmann family, take great pride in facing the challenge to manage the house where it all started in 1795.

Our guest house

The Guest House

Conrad Weber, a well-to-do merchant, erected this imposing residence in 1714.  In the late 19th century, the house was the summer residence of Carl Höffgen, a high Prussian civil servant (‘geheimer Oberbaurat’). His addition of the oriel and balcony gave a distinct mark to the appearance of this noble edifice.

Studios am Markt

Studios am Markt

Our third house is situated directly opposite the Main Building on the Market Square. Little is known about its history. In the 19th century, it belonged to a prosperous jewish merchant and winemaker; after the First World War, it was turned into a youth hostel and remained so until 1963 when ownership passed to a Beilstein family. We acquired the house in 2014. Based on old pictures, the exterior was restored to its original design. For the interior design and decoration, it was our ambition to create a one-of-a-kind place to stay in Beilstein.

Our houses in Beilstein

How To Find Us

Even though Beilstein is a very small village it is still a good idea to know where your accomodations are. On this map you will find the exact location of our three houses in Beilstein.

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